Memorial Service Funeral Projector Rental and Sound System Rentals.

projector rental for funeralCelebration of life and Remembrance

A grieving period is never easy to handle. There are so many logistics to be put in place not forgetting the emotional burden on the family members. Our projector and sound system rentals come in handy to make your burden lighter. A funeral service is associated with memories; memories of the life and times of the departed. What better way to present them than in picture slideshows, videos and montages? The memories so presented will add some life to an otherwise sad occasion. Our projector rental and sound systems are perfect for all types of life celebrations.

Our specially designed funeral packages are customized to fit into your budget and other requirements. One of the main determining factors regarding the choice of sound system rental or projector rental  is the venue. Memorial services can be held in a funeral home, church, grave yard or any other suitable location. Our expert staff will help you determine the equipment that works best with your chosen location.

Projector, screen and sound speakers rental

Quick and Easy Setup of Projector and Screen

You do not need to hire a whole different group of specialists to setup your equipment. Our systems are so easy to setup; you can as well do it yourself. Upon collection or delivery, out technicians will demonstrate how the equipment functions. The simplicity of the process will put you at ease to perform the task and be certain that the machinery will perform optimally.

Our projectors are capable of showing picture slideshows and videos from laptops, Macs and DVD players. No matter what you have saved in your PC or Mac computer, you will be in a position to project it on the screen. Every part of the audience will be able to share in the life and times of the departed through the clear images.

Our equipment guarantees a stress free funeral service where the eulogies will be heard loud and clear. No matter the side of the audience, there will be a sound system to cater for your needs.

We offer same day as well as 1 to 3 day rentals. For queries and consultations, you can reach us through Email or Call 720-515-5596. You can also get online and complete the quote form provided on the right side of the website.

We have a wide variety of projectors and sound systems to cater for your specific needs. The specifications of all the equipment will be explained to you in simple terms so that you can make an informed choice. Below is our selection:

Sound System Options:

  • Speakers System Rentals.
  • Public Address plus Sound System Rental
  • Portable sound systems
  • Outdoor sound systems
  • Wireless PA sound systems
  • Mult box
  • DVD and also CD players
  • Much more sound equipment and A/V accessories.

On-Call Support Available

Once you rent any of our products, you earn the services of our technical team. We have someone ready 24/7 to help you with any unexpected issues with the equipment. Our technical team is highly qualified and able to deal with any arising anomalies on the projector and sound system. Our team also comprises of IT and customer service personnel, whose job is to ensure that you are taken care of from every angle. All the staff members are highly skilled and cooperative at all times.

If you have questions about renting for your special event, please contact Denver laptop rental or 303-768-8555. We are here to assist you with all your rental needs.