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Are you planning an outdoor event? Welcome to DenverLaptopRental.com for amazing offers on sound system and projector rentals. Our Client Dedication Team will consult with you and decide the package that is most appropriate for your event. We have different rental plans aimed at meeting your specific needs and your budget. Our projector rental are available at the most affordable charges. We can deliver to the location and even setup the equipment.

Create a unique experience – Outdoor Sound System rentalsrent sound system and projectors for your party

Our equipment can be used for BBQs, birthday parties, large outdoor parties and other special occasions. Our outdoor sound system rentals are ideal for small and mid-sized gatherings; an average 1-200 people. Our state of the art equipment backed by a highly professional team is just what you need for a memorable event. Poor sound quality will surely compromise your event; your guests will not be enjoying when they have to strain to catch up with what is going on.

You can arrange for your own transport from our local office in Denver Colorado or we can deliver the equipment to your location. Our team will demonstrate the operation and setup process of all the devices involved to ensure that all goes well and your event runs smoothly.

Enjoy Easy Setup Speakersrent sound system for next party

Our speakers come in various sizes to cater for a wide array of events. They are ideal for an average of 50 people and beyond, proceeding to even larger groups. No matter the size of your party, talk to us and we will recommend the most suitable speakers. The setup process is pretty easy and will take you no more than 5 minutes. Your speeches and music will be heard loud and clear by every part of the audience and the event will be truly special.

rent a projector for your party Outdoor Movie Projector and 285 x 300 Screen Rentals

Our projector will show your videos and picture slideshows from laptops, DVD players, Macs and other forms of media. If you have saved videos and pictures on your Mac Computer or PC, it will be projected on the screen. After just a simple setup process, your audience will enjoy a crystal clear display.

Sound System Selection:av image Rent a sound system & projector for your wedding

1. Speakers Systems
2. Public Address plus Sound System Rental
3. Portable sound systems
4. Outdoor sound systems
5. Wireless Public Adress sound systems
6. Mixers
7. Mult box
8. CD and DVD players
9. Any other sound equipment as well as A/V accessories

Support is Only a Call Away

Once you rent our products, you will have access to round-the-clock on-call support from our technicians in case of any anomalies. Out IT and customer care staff will also be at your service. You will be furnished with instructions on how to keep the equipment functioning at its best. Our entire team is skilled, friendly and always ready to assist.

You can be safe your special event will go ahead without a glitch. If you need to rent a sound system equipment or projector today, we can do same day or 1-3 day rentals. Have questions? Email us at Customer_Service@Ccrent.com or call 720-515-5596 or fill out our quick quote form to the top right of the website.