Questions To Ask Your Sound System Rental Company

Sound System Sound System Rental CompanyIf you’re planning on renting the sound system for your wedding – that’s great! It’s an awesome way to take charge of your reception, while saving money over a more traditional entertainment strategy. However, before you sign the Denver sound system rental agreement, we have a list of questions here that we think you should consider. If you have the right system, the right playlists, and the right people, you’ll have an unforgettable reception. Here’s what you need to ask to make sure you’re not under-equipped.

1. Does this rental come with speaker stands?

This is a major question to ask – having the speakers on stands, or at about shoulder-height level, can help the music and sound cover more area than if they were just situated on a table-top. It also looks a lot classier.

2. Is the microphone wireless?

If it’s not too much extra, we recommend asking for a wireless mike. Not having to have your toasts so close to the main sound system makes the whole experience a little smoother, and if the person giving the toasts is right next to the bride and groom, the experience feels more natural and warmer.

3. Will this system fill my room with sound?

Explain to the rental salesperson the room that you’ll be in, or that you’ll be outdoors, and how many people are planning on coming. That’ll help them recommend to you a system that will make the most sense from a size/wattage perspective.

Asking these simple questions to your Denver sound system rental will help you organize your wedding ceremony in a better and flawless way.

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