Tips for selecting a Projector Rental in the Denver Area

  • Projectors: are needed for all types of special events such as visual presentation in a conference, playing a movie in an event or for a small meeting . It is important to select the right projector to ensure that projector offers a rich visual experience to the viewers, carrying the ideal resolution, lumens and other parameters for a rich output display.
  • Size of Audience: A bigger audience would demand larger image display through the projector. To have a larger image with good clarity the lumen count needs to be higher. For Instance: A larger audience (more than 100 people) would require a 3500+ lumen projector for a perfect visual experience
  • Type of Venue: A venue with brighter light would require a projector offering higher lumen count. For Example: Day time outdoor presentation would require a high-lumen projector A 2100 lumen projector would be ideal for an indoor presentation with dimmed lights and audience less than 100.
  • Nature of Presentation: Moving pictures or large sized pictures can be contained with a low lumen projector whereas a technical presentation with charts, graphs and small sized text would demand a high lumen projector. Compatibility with the laptops and Macs: Make sure that the projector has cables compatible with your laptop, Mac or any input device which provides the input signal to the projector.


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