How will NEW Microsoft Xbox, Sony PS4 shape the rental industry?

As Microsoft is unveiling  new Xbox ps4xbox720720 on Tuesday 21st and  Sony’s unveiling of its new PS4 later this year, the question remains, how will these new gaming systems shape  the rental industry?

Denver laptop Rental is always trying to bring the latest technology to the rental world, but how will all this apply, to us and rental industry in general, that’s the question.

Here is a snippet of the interesting article from cnet…

“There is no question it will have a big hard drive, a DVD/Blu-ray drive, a fast processor, and tons of memory,” Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said of the next Xbox. “Microsoft has all the network support it needs to ensure a stellar multiplayer experience. What’s left is software, non-game functions, and form factor.”

And those non-gaming entertainment features may well be the centerpiece of Tuesday’s media event. After all, Microsoft will hold a second media briefing just three weeks later at the giant E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles. That is the more likely place for it to focus on the games it’s lined up for the next console and the features that will appeal to hardcore gamers.

It’s also likely that Microsoft on Tuesday will go into detail about the streaming-media capabilities of the new console. Already, the Xbox 360 lets viewers connect to Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Hulu, among others. It has partnerships with Major League Baseball, the UFC for pay-per-view fights, and CNET TV (which is owned by CBS Interactive, publisher of CNET News). Pachter thinks it’s likely that Microsoft will offer Internet TV, that is, regular broadcast television delivered over the Internet, with the next Xbox.”

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