Projecting the future: What will be the future of multimedia projection?


The future is now. Gone are the days when science fiction seemed impossible, we as a generation are at a time where technological advancement are taking leaps and bounds every day. With consumerism with respect to technology at a high, any new advancement in technology that enables us to perform a task better is embraced.

Such is the case with projectors as well. Most of us will remember the first time going to a theater and getting immersed in the world of moving images created by the projector. Although televisions provide direct HD entertainment there is always the restriction in size. If you having a outdoor house party in or around your area in Denver, consider using a rental sound system or a rental outdoor movie projector to engage your audience and make it more eventful.

A look back:

Star wars imagery is inevitable when we talk about projection. The holograms in star wars are a part of sci-fi cult. Today’s movies showcasing interactive holograms could be a reality very soon. Take the ‘touch screen’ for example; it just came to the general public about a few decades ago, in the form of PDA screens and first generation cell phones. Look at where they are now! Smartphones, tablets and mobile have all gone the touch screen in one-way shape or form. Similarly look at where projectors were a few decades back. Confined to only neighborhood movie theaters, now HD projectors that have 1280 x 1024 pixels are easily available in the market. If you don’t use them too often you can always rent one.

Projectors of the future:

The 3D projection is something to look at in the near future. With 3D becoming accessible and more simplistic, there’s bound to be significant improvements in the home projection category. Interactive projection is a concept which is yet in early stages but looks like the way of projection’s future.

Mobility is crucial in the 21’st century. It won’t be long before we carry a smartphone with a built-in HD projector hologram imitating our favorite star wars movies.

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