Top 10 Reasons to Rent Computers

Rent or Own Computers: Top 10 Reasons to Rent

Many face the tough decision of renting computers or purchasing computers. While many factors can play a role when making the right decision, the following points can help you determine if renting is best for you.

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  1. Technology changes quickly. When renting you will receive the most updated software and most advanced equipment. The rental company can also program your computers to do automatic updates, so your software stays current.
  2. Cheaper alternative for short-term needs. If you are looking for a few weeks or a few months, the benefits of renting are still far cheaper than owning. Also, the longer your rental, the larger discount you can receive from the rental vendor.
  3. Updated equipment for long term. If you have a long term rental (6 months to a few years), more than likely your rental equipment will be upgraded for you at no additional charge. Also, your rental company can “image” or copy your existing rental to your new computers – free of charge. There are a few factors that determine this, so talk to your rental company about this option.
  4. Cost effective for high end computers. When your needs call for high end PC’s or MAC’s, renting allows you to meet your requirements without going over your budget. For example, simple MAC computers will set you back $2500 – $6,000 and higher to purchase. However, renting a high end MAC for one month will only cost you a few hundred dollars. Your rental includes updated OS systems and software, so you do not need to spend more to update your software as well.
  5. Freedom from bad computers. Most rental companies offer 24-hour technical assistance and support to help you with your rental. Yet beyond the 24-hour support, in most cases if your equipment fails you, your rental includes a free replacement in most cases if your computer fails. Make sure you bring up this option with your rental provider.
  6. Get exactly what you want. When you have a specific brand with specific specs, most rental companies can meet exactly what you need. If they don’t have it, chances are they are so well established in the industry that they can find it for you. This can save you hundreds of dollars spending money on a specific item that might be hard to find.
  7. Printers, Networking and more. Most computer rental companies also offer peripherals such a printers, storage systems and even servers and presentation equipment. They can even set up and network your equipment for you – taking the burden off you so you can focus on more important things. As stated above, this rental equipment is covered during your rental, so it will be replaced if needed, and the company provides support when needed as well.
  8. Budget more effectively. Renting allows you to budget more effectively as the cost of the rental is fixed and agreed upon at the start of the rental. There are a wide variety of computers to fit every budget as well, so it is easier to meet your budget needs.
  9. Buy what you have at a lower cost. Some rental companies offer an option to buy their machines after the long term rental period. As new equipment is often purchased by the rental company to stay current, they frequently sell off the older equipment at a discounted rate.

10.  Tax deductable. In many cases your computer rental can be tax deductible. Talk to your tax adviser further about that opportunity.

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